Exotic Wedding Venues In San Diego

San Diego offers a wide selection of wedding venues to suit every preference and budget. If you are planning your wedding at a place of worship, there are plenty to choose from. If you are planning your wedding at any other public place - in our gorgeous outdoors or our well-appointed indoors, the possibilities are mind-boggling in America's finest city.

If you are on a tight budget and yet prefer your wedding outdoors, you can choose from one of our gorgeous beaches in the county or at any of the well maintained public parks. As long as you can keep the total number of guests to 24 (20 for Coronado beach) and forsake the need to have chairs, arches, flowers and music, you can use any of our beaches or parks for your wedding at no charge. For a larger party, you pay a nominal fee to the City of San Diego all you're all set for a memorable San Diego beach wedding. After your wedding ceremony, when I have signed your marriage license, you can have your wedding reception anywhere else you want.

For a more formal wedding with a larger number of guests, where your wedding ceremony will be followed by a wedding reception, why not choose from our exotic resorts, hotels and even local wineries and ranches? If you have a large number of guests it makes sense from the logistics perspective to have the wedding ceremony in the same place as your reception. That way your guests are not inconvenienced by having to travel from place to place. Browse over the different options you have to choose your most ideal wedding venue in San Diego.

Carlsbad Beach wedding venue in San Diego


From Oceanside to Imperial Beach, our beautiful coastline is adorned by beautiful well maintained sandy beaches that are perfect for your San Diego beach wedding.

Balboa Park wedding venue in San Diego


Want to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and a wedding reception afterwards at the same place and yet save money? Why not consider one of our beautiful County parks ?

Hotel Del Coronado wedding venur San Diego


When you have a flexible budget and want to have a large party for a wedding reception, with live music and dancing, you may want to consider one of our exotic resorts or hotels.

We can officiate in your same sex San Diego wedding for LGBT couples


There is no better place in the county to have a wedding ceremony with a unity wine ceremony, large party of guests for a reception, than one of our beautiful local wineries?

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