Unity Wine Ceremony Wedding In San Diego

The unity wine ceremony wedding has several variations and has a wide range of symbolisms and significance for the occasion. This ceremony can be performed by the couples in both confidential marriages or public marriages. In this ceremony the bride and groom would each have a wine carafe and each would pour their wine into a larger carafe. Then the groom would take the wine from the larger carafe, fill a beautiful wine glass for the bride. The bride also would take the wine from the large carafe and pour out a glass for the groom. The bride and groom would raise their glasses in a toast, interlock their arms, say some loving words of commitment and unity to each other and each drink that wine from their glasses to celebrate their union. They may also invite their guests from both families to each take a little sip of wine poured out from the larger carafe.

In some cases, the couples choose to have a rose red wine and white wine in the two carafes. When they are mixed in the large carafe, they would turn pink as the red and the white hues merge. The color of a red rose symbolizes love, passion, beauty, courage and respect, whereas the color of a white rose represents purity, innocence, peace, reverence, humility, worthiness and youthfulness. The color of a pink rose represents appreciation, gratitude, grace, happiness, admiration and politeness. The color of the wines used in the unity wine wedding ceremony symbolizes the same color of the roses and the same emotions and feelings. Moreover as wine ages, its taste becomes better and better, symbolizing how the bond of the couple strengthens, becomes filled with ever increasing love, findness, respect, caring and dedication as they grow older together. The combining of the two wines into one symbolizes all the attributes of the union have now been implanted into the lives of the married couple. During the ceremony, as your wedding officiant I will start off with the significance of the ceremony and what it means for the two of you. If you wish to have your guests sample the united wine after the two of you have completed your part, we can discuss this when we meet and I can make an announcement at the appropriate time for your guests. Some couples would bring bottles with personalized labels for the ceremony and would also have such a bottle for each of their guests as a commemorative gift.

Another option would be to have wine glasses engraved with the names of the bride and groom with the wedding date below so that it becomes a commemorative keepsake of the event. Be careful of the number of guests you have for the wedding and the amount of wine you have in the large carafe. It would not be polite to deny a guest of the pleasure of being served the first service from the bride and groom.

The unity wine wedding ceremony may be performed in both public marriages or confidential marriages. If you decide to have this ceremony, let us discuss when we meet and plan everything out. Let's discuss the color of wine you would use, the type of carafes or bottles you would use, how you want your guests to participate, when you want this ceremony to be performed - after or before your ring exchanges. I want to ensure that everything is perfect for you so that the ceremony continues to bear significance on the rest of your lives together.

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