Unity Candles Wedding Ceremony In San Diego

The unity candles wedding ceremony has several variations and allegedly has some similarities with the sand ceremony. If you are going to have your San Diego wedding outdoors, then you may consider excluding this ceremony because a light breeze could blow the candles off and disrupt the ceremony and cause disruptions to the flow. If you must have this ceremony outdoors, make sure that you have a lighter available in case the candles get blown off by the breeze that we get in San Diego county. Moreover, if you or your guests are superstitious, the premature blowing out of the candles may be considered ominous. The unity candles ceremony can be performed for both confidential marriages and public or civil marriages.

You will need three nice, slow burning candles for this ceremony. The best man or the maid of honor is usually responsible to place these candles on the altar. This ceremony is performed after you have exchanged vows. Upon my statement about the ceremony and request, the Mothers of the bride and groom, representing the two families would light two of the candles on either side of the central candle as a symbol of warmth, love and happiness. Upon my cue the bride and groom would each take the candle representing their families and together light up the central candle, representing the binding of the couple, their friends and family into one bright light of strength and warmth for each other.

The joining of the two flames into one that shines brighter symbolizes the combined strength, love, warmth and intensity of the two families. The shape of the candles may vary and would be your choice. You may also be able to get candles personalized with your names and your families on the central candle. The two narrower candles called tapers would have the name of the family it represents. You can also use the candles like shown in the picture or anything that you two desire.

After the central candle is lit by the bride and groom, the bride and groom may choose to blow out each others tapers or candles symbolizing the closure of the separate lives and the start of a new life together as one represented by the central candle. The central candle or the unity candle would be burning bright to provide warmth, energy, power and light to the new couple. I will make statements to both of you about the significance of the ceremony and the unity candle, convey my best intent (not just wishes) for your future after which you may blow the candles out together.

The unity candles wedding ceremony may be performed in both public marriages or confidential marriages. If you decide to have this ceremony, let us discuss when we meet and plan everything out so that the ceremony has a lasting impact on your lives forever.

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