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That's where you can find me as your San Diego wedding officiant - at the confluence of the two rivers of your lives as they merge into the ocean of your love, passion, compassion, strength, support and growth as a married couple. Cliche' as it may sound, your complete satisfaction is the most important factor for me. There are no retakes, there is no second chance - you get one shot at making your wedding ceremony the most romantic, spectacular and memorable event that will live with you for eternity.

I fully understand and honor the importance of your wedding ceremony and my objective would be to make your precious moments as easy, emotional and spectacular as possible. These moments would continue to breathe life into your relationship and serve as a constant reminder of your union as you graduate from fiance to a married couple status.

I do not have decades of experience as a wedding officiant when compared to some of the other wedding officiants in San Diego. It would be fair to say that comparatively, I am a newly ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. See? No pretenses or beating around the bush - just open and honest communication. When someone feels and lives in love that resonates with the love in the hearts of the couples they solemnize in marriage, it makes you wonder what specific experience comes into play for consideration. Here's a secret - anybody can be your wedding officiant as long as they follow a certain sequence of events, say specific words at specific moments and have the necessary legal credentials that allows them to legally certify your marriage.

The State Of California makes it unnecessary for the members of the clergy to register their credentials with the county clerk or anyone else. You however, considering me as your wedding officiant in San Diego have every right to require me to provide you with proof of verification of my membership with the clergy. The Universal Life Church granted my ordination as a Minister of Peace and according to the State of California Family Code Sections 400-402, I am authorized to solemnize marriages in California. When we meet, I will be happy to present my credentials for your satisfaction and reassurance.

I have been a public speaker and have led large teams of technology and business professionals for 26 years across 4 continents, making public presentations and demonstrations to large audiences - solo. So as your wedding officiant, I can promise you that I won't choke while officiating at your wedding or making my speech to celebrate your love and your lives that got the two of you to the threshold of wedded bliss and beyond. I can't however promise that you or your guests won't sometimes break into tears of joyful emotions or won't burst out in laughter as they listen to your love story from me.

Though I am a certified hypnotherapist, I promise not to hypnotize your guests with my speech. But I can't guarantee that they would not be immersed and mesmerized in the ceremony or get emotionally involved in the proceedings as I guide the two of you through the events. My objective would be to direct all positive energies from everyone present, including my speech to converge into your lives to make your special moments spectacular and memorable.

As a published Amazon bestselling author of two self-development books, I can promise you that I can create some pretty neat literary pixiedust in my speech and in your vows that engages all five senses that evoke deep emotions of love, respect, honor, strength and courage in your hearts and conjoins your mind, body and soul as one. By the way, I did attend grammar school and despite what they taught, I love run-on sentences as you can see. In a special surprise ceremony that I perform on all weddings, you will be bound together in the energy of your love and companionship for the rest of your lives and wil serve as a constant reminder of the special moments that you shared on your wedding day. I call it the crescendo of the ceremony and I know for sure that you and your guests would simply love it.

As a software engineer, Board member of two technology companies and owner of a business consulting company, I am also aware of the importance of creating value for my clients, the sanctity of customer satisfaction and the value of word of mouth and online reputation. As your wedding officiant in San Diego these keep me on my toes as I create a personalized program to generate the highest value for the two of you and deliver the best service I possibly can, to make your trust in me worthwhile in every respect. If I don't deliver to your expectations, I guarantee my service as you will see below.

You may be wondering, with all of these credentials, where would I find the time to focus on your wedding and deliver high quality? You see, I have learned over the years that you cannot manage time - 24 hours a day is all we all have got. What we can do however is to manage what we can do with that time available to us. When you retain my services as your San Diego wedding officiant, I will carve out specific chunks in my schedule to provide you with the same level of quality that I provide to all of my other clients in my other areas of life. If I am unable to provide you with my undivided attention and focus based on your schedule, I would not hesitate to refer you to one of our fine wedding officiants who serve our community in San Diego. We have competition for sure, but it is a healthy competition. After all we are all about love and companionship - at least we should be. Referring clients when it is appropriate is part of that process.

You may also be wondering, why would I want to serve as a wedding officiant with all the other activities in my life. You see, I am an explorer of life and have an insatiable hunger for the most amazing fruits that this beautiful evergreen tree of life continues to bear for me. I am on a journey to find out for myself in how many different ways I can add value to the lives of others and make my contribution in the world. Life continues to amaze me with how much a person can achieve, how much value one can produce in 24 hours in any given day. I find my relaxation and rejuvenation of my spirit and soul when I am able to officiate in weddings where the fruits of love, respect, honor and strength are in plenty. Those experiences are like rocket fuel for me, soars my spirits and brings me fulfillment to have officiated in the union of two souls. Yes, you can call me a romantic and I am in a romance with life and the joys it continues to attract to my experience.

Enough about me. Are you comfortable to take the call to action? Great, please complete the form below or just call me direct. Still uncomfortable? Great. Let's break the ice. Here's a question for you - What needs to happen in your wedding that will make your moment absolutely unforgettable not only for you but for everyone else present? When you call me, tell me your answer first. Then ask me the toughest question you have about life or your upcoming wedding and allow me to prove myself to you. Fair enough?

Anyway, I thank you for visiting one of my homes in cyberspace and for your patience to read this far. CONGRATULATIONS again and may all the love, peace and prosperity of the Universe be at your command as you two embark on your glorious adventure of marital bliss together.

Excitedly yours !!!

Joy Ghosh

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Any moment in life is the rendezvous of people, circumstances and events in that instant in time. These are small meandering rivers that flow into the confluence of the moment. The two of you are about to define such a moment that will forever be etched in your lives in the crests and troughs of your adventure together.

Most definitely you want everything to be in order on your big day. Why not demand it? Your search for a San Diego wedding officiant near to you has brought you to this website. Perhaps I am one of those rivers waiting to flow into the confluence of your big moment?

I am so confident that you will be absolutely delighted with my service on your wedding day, I am willing to place my retainer fees on the line. If for any reason you are dis-satisfied with my service, please call me within 24 hours of your date and time of wedding and I will refund the retainer fees that you paid me.

Am I crazy offering such a guarantee? Nope! I am just confident that you and your spouse will be very happy with what I deliver for you. Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please complete the form or simply call me to schedule an appointment when we can chat about your event. Let's get this San Diego wedding officiant near me thing checked off your to-do list.

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