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Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Californians get married in California?

Yes you can, the State Of California does not impose any residence requirements to get married as long as you are 18 years or older and are single. Please familiarize yourself with the laws of getting married in California.

Have you officiated in military weddings?

So far I have not had the honor to serve any military couples. However I am very keen to work with our men and women in uniform and officiate military weddings. If you intend to have a ceremony that is outside those described in this website, I am willing to listen and learn. If I am unable to assist, I will be happy to refer you to one of our fine wedding officiants in San Diego who would be more qualified to conduct your military wedding. My intent and topmost priority for you is to have the most perfect military style wedding with your fiance - even if it means referring you out to another more experienced wedding officiant in San Diego.

Can non-US Citizens or Residents marry in California?

I would have to refer you to the Department of Homeland Security or the Immigration and Naturalization Service to get absolute clarity on that question. There are several factors to consider and the INS or DHS officer will be able to assist.

Can you conduct family traditional special ceremonies?

You would want to make it perfect. Let's discuss the details of your traditional ceremony when we speak on the phone or meet in person, so that I understand the role I would have to play and take it from there. These are delicate matters and not to worthy of a risk of messing up.

How do we pay you for your wedding officiant services?

It depends on the package you choose and wish me to perform. I accept credit cards (above $250), cash or check. Any package under $250 requires a full payment before the wedding when you confirm my services. For packages more than $250, please prepare to pay a $200 retainer when you hire me and then the balance is payable at least 24 hours before your wedding day. It is quite unprofessional and uncomfortable for a wedding officiant to wait around to get paid, when you are busy entertaining your guests after the wedding.

Wedding photography and wedding videography services are offered by other parties and both of them require 50% down upfront as retainer and the remainder 50% is due on delivery of their work to you - when your photos or videos are a ready for delivery. Both of then take online payments, check or cash.

Do you travel out of the county to conduct weddings?

Hawaii? Sure! Just kidding. Let's discuss what your plans are and we can take it from there. For travel outside San Diego county you may need to pay for my travel expenses in addition to my service fees. How much are these expenses? Not sure, where are you planning to get married away from America's finest city? Let's chat about it.

Do I need my earlier marriage to be dissolved before I remarry?

Yes, this is mandatory in California. If either or both of you were married earlier to another person, you must carry a dissolution of marriage certificate, a marriage bifurcation certificate or court order pertaining to your earlier marriage to the County office along with your government issued IDs in order to obtain a marriage license to remarry. If you don't have this document, you can obtain a copy of this dissolution certificate from any of the Superior Courts in the county

Does my SDRP need to be dissolved before I get married?

If you and your partner were in a State Registered Domestic Partnership (SDRP) and are the same parties in the marriage, then the SDRP does not need to be dissolved in order to get your marriage license issued by the County Clerk. If however the parties in the SDRP and in the marriage are not identical, then you would need to carry a copy of the judgment that your SDRP was ended by nullity or dissolution.

How long does a typical marriage ceremony last?

It all depends on the type of marriage you and your finance would prefer to have. The Bare Essentials weddings are done in 15-20 minutes. Other elaborate weddings can take an hour or so, depending on the special ceremonies being performed, readiness to perform those ceremonies, people involved as so on. Confidential marriages with no guests are usually not more than 20 minutes long all inclusive. It is best to plan in advance on what you would want in your big day. It is a momentous occasion in your lives and you get only one shot at this to make it absolutely perfect, enjoyable and memorable for the two of you for all your life. A lot of couples prefer to do more than one or two special ceremonies to infuse all symbolic energies in their wedding. That's fine with me as your wedding officiant as long as both of you are ok with it. You and your guests may be standing all the time, especially if you are getting married in one of our beaches or parks and have not secured a permit for chairs to be brought in.

Can you organize a San Diego beach wedding for us?

People have different interpretations for the word 'organize'. As your wedding officiant, I can take care of performing all of your San Diego beach wedding related ceremonies, conducting the sequence of events, solemnizing your marriage, signing your marriage certificate and if you need me to, I will also submit your signed marriage license to the County office for registration of your marriage. I can also provide some of the optional services that are listed in the wedding packages page of this website. If you need other services, such as permits, organizing your party, catering for your guests, it is best that you consult with one of our fine wedding planners in San Diego, who provide amazing service to their clients. You focus on your marriage and just enjoy your special moments that you will cherish all your life and let me as your wedding officiant and your wedding planner collaborate and take care of the rest.

If you want me to refer you to a competent wedding planner, let me know when we meet or speak on the phone about your upcoming wedding and I can hook you up.

We are confused about the best wedding venues in San Diego Can you help?

Too many choices make is difficult and you are right we have quite a spread of options for wedding venues in San Diego. The factors to consider are the weather conditions, time of the year, whether you want your wedding outdoors or indoors or in a place of worship, how many guests you would have, what all events you would have for your wedding, your budget and whether you want a public wedding or a confidential marriage. Choose from private residences, places of worship, farmhouses, ranches, resorts, restaurants apart from our gorgeous beaches, cliffs, lakes and parks. You can find some of these possible options in our Wedding Venues in San Diego page. There are a ton of affordable wedding venues in San Diego for you to choose from.

Would you share your wedding officiant speech with us before the wedding?

Absolutely I will - this is part of the full disclosure policy. Whether I am preparing a personalized speech for your wedding, or I would be delivering a standard speech at your wedding, you will know exactly what I am going to deliver as my wedding officiant speech and when I am going to say that. For personalized speeches, we can go back and forth as many times as you wish within reason to make edits and make sure I am covering all the important points. For standard speeches, we usually don't have much room for edits but let's talk when we meet and I can make adjustments if necessary.

I am getting the jitters about the big day. Should I have a rehearsal?

Hey, you are not the first one to have jitters about getting married. It is a big decision and probably one of the more important ones that you will take in life. So being nervous is natural. What are you most nervous about? Let's talk about it when we meet and perhaps I can help. If having a rehearsal will help you relax your nerves, by all means have one as long as you are aware that there are costs involved. If money is not an object, well that's one less thing to be nervous about, right? Look at it this way - billions of people before you have married and have survived the process. What are the odds that you would be just fine as well? If you are worried about public speaking in front of a large crowd why not consider a more private wedding with fewer people - perhaps close friends and family. Once you are married you can have your large wedding reception afterwards. I don't want to patronize you on this, but maybe this is something you may want to consider. It may also save some costs as well. You need to stay as relaxed as possible, and quite honestly, all you have to do is look into each other's eyes and just be aware of your love - the world and eternity can wait.

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