Same Sex Marriage In San Diego
Love Is In The Heart Not In the Gender

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to celebrate your love and devotion for each other with the ultimate gift - your upcoming wedding. I will be honest with you. When I was designing this website, I did not intend to create a separate page for same sex couples. Why should same sex couples be treated any differently than any other couple in the first place? Quite candidly everything else you will find and read in this website applies for any couple regardless of gender, just like it should be. But then, believe it or not, I found that there were a large number of searches being made on the Internet about same sex marriages in California and specifically in San Diego. Very intersting statistics. So here I am with a page dedicated to same sex couples. I doubt you will find anything on this page that is different than the core essence of what you will find elsewhere on this website.

In the State of California, thank goodness we live here and that too in America's finest city, same sex married couples have the same rights and command the same respect and honor any heterosex couples. As far as I am concerned, I honor your relationship, I respect your personal choices and I commend you on the courage to ignore social and perhaps religious taboos and hold each other on your strong bond of love, friendship and dedication to strive for happiness, peace and growth in your lives. Let's get you two married with all the pomp and splendor that you deserve - the law makes it absolutely clear. If you haven't already, please familiarize yourself with the legal requirements to get married in California and in San Diego County. As long as you can check off al of them, you are ready for launch for your big wedding day - Yeah!

If you are in a State Registered Domestic Partnership (SDRP), you need not get that dissolved in order to get married as long as both of you are in the same SDRP as in your marriage license. Some states do not recognize a SDRP but recognize a marriage, so if you are planning to move to another state and are in a SDRP you may want to consider getting married in California, so that you can get the best of both worlds anywhere you choose to live and nurture your love for each other. Even if you are from a different state and get married in California, every US state will recognize you as a married couple regardless of your gender. Employers cannot discriminate against you, establishments cannot deny service to you because of your gender bias, the same laws and rights are applicable to you just like heterosexual couples. Very sensible and logical. Well duh! Why am I creating this separate page for same sex marriages?

Let's get back to your upcoming wedding day - the most important reason why you are here

You can pick and choose any of the wedding officiant packages described in this website including all the ceremonies that I can guide you through. In addition to want to respect and honor you in the manner in which you would want me to address and refer to you as I introduce and announce you during the ceremony. When we meet to discuss your wedding, you can instruct me on this matter and I will make adjustments in my statements and in writing your wedding vows (if you want me to write them for you as your ghostwriter). My counsel for you about writing your own vows is no different than my counsel to any other loving couple. I encourage you to take a crack at this most amazing experience on how to write wedding vows. If you still find it challenging I will be happy to apply my literary prowess to write your vows as your ghostwriter. But hey, you have to read them out loud on your wedding day. Deal? Great.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider on your wedding day:

  • The two of you could walk down the aisle together with your parents instead of one of you waiting with me near the front of the room.
  • Alternatively the two of you could be escorted by your parents and you could walk the aisle with your parents one after another.
  • Why not have two aisles instead of just one. Each of you with your parents or companions could walk down each aisle to meet me in the front of the room
  • Instead of having one of you read your entire vows and then your partner read theirs, why not consider each of you reading a couple of sentences and then your partner reads a couple of theirs and you go back and forth until you complete both of your vows. If this is something you want to do, just make sure your vows are approximately of the same length.
  • Instead of having your guests pick which side of the aisle to sit, why not have a sign before the seating area that says Pick a Seat not a Side. I saw this in a heterosexual wedding and it worked very well. I think this will work just as well for same sex marriages too.

If there is anything else I can do as your wedding officiant to make your celebration more memorable, please don't hesitate to discuss when we speak. I cherish the opportunity to witness the merging of two loving souls and the union of two lives who will forever be bound in the arms of togetherness, compassion and collaboration to make our communities more tolerant and peaceful. I thank you for your visit to this website and will be honored to assist you in your San Diego wedding.

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Any moment in life is the rendezvous of people, circumstances and events in that instant in time. These are small meandering rivers that flow into the confluence of the moment. The two of you are about to define such a moment that will forever be etched in your lives in the crests and troughs of your adventure together.

Most definitely you want everything to be in order on your big day. Why not demand it? Your search for a San Diego wedding officiant near to you has brought you to this website. Perhaps I am one of those rivers waiting to flow into the confluence of your big moment?

I am so confident that you will be absolutely delighted with my service on your wedding day, I am willing to place my retainer fees on the line. If for any reason you are dis-satisfied with my service, please call me within 24 hours of your date and time of wedding and I will refund the retainer fees that you paid me.

Am I crazy offering such a guarantee? Nope! I am just confident that you and your spouse will be very happy with what I deliver for you. Your satisfaction is very important to me. Please complete the form or simply call me to schedule an appointment when we can chat about your event. Let's get this San Diego wedding officiant near me thing checked off your to-do list.

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