Traditional Public Marriage In San Diego
Declaration Of Interdependence

When you have a large party of friends and family to attend your public marriage, you may want to go the whole nine yards with a traditional wedding ceremony. This is a gala event to celebrate the union of your lives with each other and your world as you know it will be there with you as witnesses. Such a public marriage is an open declaration of your interdependence on each other as you embark on the most adventurous journey together. With your soon-to-be spouse by your side, every dream and desire that you both have, become possible as you conjoin your souls, bodies and spirits together as one. If you are planning to have this wedding in a place of worship, it may be more convenient for you to contact the priest or the staff there and have them officiate your wedding. They are most well versed in what's appropriate in their institution and it is best to respect those formalities.

However if you are planning your traditional public marriage outside a place of worship, I would love to be your marriage officiant in San Diego and be part of your journey between now and your special day. I would like to plan for this gala event with you as much in advance as possible so that I can do everything I possibly can to make sure everything under my watch works perfectly during your public ceremony in San Diego. I will describe as elaborately as possible, the fullest extent of a typical traditional public marriage and so that you are aware of all the details. It certainly does not mean that you have to go through everything on the list on your wedding day. As your public mariage officiant in San Diego, I can personalize and customize your wedding to the manner in which you want the events to transpire. We get together for a few hours depending on your availability. I ask you specific questions about your preferences and accordingly I set up the precise set of events that lead up to your formal declaration as husband and wife.

For elaborate traditional weddings, I highly recommend a rehearsal, since there would be quite a few moving parts and people involved and you want to make sure everything is properly coordinated and flows smoothly. The last thing you want is the groom missing the ring or the bride and groom having a nervous breakdown. This is a big one and it always helps to rehearse everything at least one. As the Master of Ceremonies for your San Diego public marriage, hey, that's a fancy way of saying wedding officiant), I can work with your wedding planner if you are going to have one, to synchronize the events so that it is as stres-free as possible for the two of you. My objective is for you to remain absolutely calm and focused on yourselves and on your most extraordinary moments together. Your emotions of love, respect, trust, togetherness will rise to a crescendo when you are at the altar and those are emotions denied to many.

Upon your request, I will be happy to be part of your rehearsal and make adjustments as we go through the process. Typically I would have already spoken to your wedding planner if you have one by the time we go in for the rehearsal and all of us go through the different stages of your public marriage ceremony. If you wanted me to present your personal stories and the how your lives touched each other to carry you to the culmination of your love, I would already have that with me and would have already been approved by you. If you wanted me to write your vows for each other, I would also have them ready for you during the rehearsal and hand them over to you when the time is right. I would have obtained all your details when I interview both of you, so that I have all of these details ready for your rehearsal and of course for the day when time will stop to acknowledge your declaration of marriage. If there need to be any backup or contingency plans, we will go through them as well.

If you want to perform any special ceremonies during your wedding, I have quite a few of those to offer for your consideration and we can discuss your preferences during our interview. There is a special wedding ceremony that I include in all weddings that I officiate and I deliberately not talk about it on a public website. We can discuss about this special ceremony when we meet in person to plan everything out. You are going to absolutely love it - it has no religious connotations and is based on universal laws of our existence. It is so powerful that both of you may even decide to make it part of your daily rituals to keep your bond strong and vibrant for as long as you both grace this planet with your love. Ok, I will stop now or else I would spill the beans prematurely.

These are very exciting times and it takes quite a bit of effort and concentration to pull everything off as planned. For such traditional public marriage ceremonies please engage with me at least 2 weeks (if not more) prior to your wedding day, so that I can plan, create, coordinate and deliver the best service I possibly can to the two of you and to your party. Let's make your day memorable and absolutely the most cherished moments that would birth your new marital status.

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend that you click on the link below and carefully scan through the most important laws in the State Of California when it comes to marriage registrations and the legalities involved thereof. This will help you take care of some simple steps in preparation for your public marriage in San Diego.

Celebrating Your Everlasting Love And Happiness

In this section you will learn about the sequence of events in a traditional public marriage. There is not much of a protocol per se, but it helps to have a structure in mind that has worked wonderfully for couples over the ages. This explanation will also provide you with some ideas of how you may want to enhance your experience to accentuate your magical moments leading up to your first kiss as a married couple. I will be happy to share a printed copy to you upon your request when we meet and start to get everything organized.

THE PROCESSIONAL As you can see in the picture, the processional is what starts everything off. Your guests would have arrived by then and are seated. Your San Diego public marriage officiant - me, is ready at the altar or front of the wedding area waiting for you. Hey, no runaway groom or bride please! We would have all gathered to celebrate your union. The processional involves a sequence in which the significant parties in your public marriage would enter the wedding area and take up positions to make it easier for the two of you to go through the events.

  1. The groom and your best man will walk towards the front of the wedding area and stand to my left.
  2. They will be followed by bridesmaids wearing those gorgeous dresses, who would be escorted down the aisle by the dashing groomsmen.
  3. The bridesmaids will take up their position to my right while the groomsmen will take up positions to my left behind the groom and the best man.
  4. It now time for the maid of honor to walk in and take up her position. It is customary for the best man to walk up to the maid of honor and escort her to her position to my right.
  5. Next comes the flower girl, taking up her position to my right behind the bridesmaids.
  6. Next follows the ring bearer (admittedly carrying the ring) who takes up his position to my left behind the groomsmen.
  7. Finally the queen of hearts, the bride, escorted by her companions enters the room and walks down the aisle. The brides companions may be her parents or relatives who would walk the bride to take her position to my right, facing the groom. The guests would stand up to honor the bride and usually an orchestra (or a speaker system) would be playing "Here Comes the Bride" as she walks down the aisle.
  8. We are all in position now, guests are seated. Sometimes the wedding officiant can hear the flapping of butterfly wings (wonder if they are from the bride or the groom or both). We are ready to begin and yes your wedding is really happening.

The final formation will look like something below.

It does not have to follow the exact same sequence or the formation indicated above. However as you can see the formation makes some logical sense based on the roles different people would play in your wedding procession.

FAMILY BLESSING This is an opportunity for the Father or the Mother or another family of the bride to bless and give away the bride in marriage. As your wedding officiant, I will ask your accompanying family member if they are ready to give away the bride. They will bless you and give their approval.

WELCOME STATEMENT This is my opening welcome statement in your ceremony where I will thank everyone in attendance for being present for the momentous occasion of your wedding after I introduce myself as your wedding officiant. I will talk about the significance of a martial relationship and any special message that you might have requested me to convey . If you wanted me to tell your story that brought you together, I would have all that prepared ahead of time and probably also would have rehearsed with you before your wedding day. I would share your love story with the group evoking emotions and even some laughter to mark the joyous occasion.

WEDDING SERMON If you wanted me to share a short message, secular or religious sermon, this would be the time for me to read and to share that with the guests. Sometimes couples may want to have some of their guests make a performance appropriate for the occasion and this is the opportunity for short performance like musical number or a happy dance symbolizing your union. It is entirely up to you on how you want to use this opportunity.

CONSECRATION Here I would share a religious or secular prayer for the both of you to have a glori ous future together and celebrate the dedication and love you have for each other. Again, it is up to you whether you want something like this in your wedding or not. Told ya, all of these details need to be finalized before the wedding and is part of my interview with you when we sit down and plan everything out.

EXCHANGING VOWS If you have written your own vows fantastic. If you had asked me to write your vows, I will be carrying them with me and you would keep a copy. The groom would read his vows first and then the bride would read her vows for the groom. While the groom can easily slip his vows in a pocket, it is usually not possible for the bride to do the same. So you can have your maid of honor carry them for you and hand it over to your when the time is right. Sometimes, the bride and groom may not even need to refer to a sheet of paper to read their vows. They just hold each other's hands, look into each other's eyes and recite their vows just naturally. If you are nervous about this extemporary speech, I do recommend that we get your vows written and rehearsed in advance. Hey, it's just an emotion filled love letter - that should not be too tough to come up with, right? If you are challenged with writing your vows, I can take care of that for you when I interview you before the wedding.

DECLARATION OF INTENT This is when you need to get ready for your "I Do" when I ask the groom first and then the bride, whether you would take each other as your lawfully wedded wife and husband respectively. Folks, let's leave Hollywood aside here and not have any second thoughts about your intentions to commit yourselves to each other in blissful matrimony, unless of course ...

EXCHANGING RINGS Rings have no beginning and no end, symbolizing the endless an infinite love you have for each other. This is the time I will invite you to exchange your rings with each other. If a ring bearer is carrying your rings, they will come forward and hand over the rings to you. As you place the rings on each other's ring finger, sealing your love in an endless bond of togetherness, I will make some statements of the symbolism of the rings in marriage.

PRONOUNCEMENT We're almost there by this time. I usually would not ask if there is anyone among the invitees would object to the two of you to get married. But if that is what you want me to ask anyway (ok, let's keep Hollywood away folks), I can ask that question. Otherwise, with the power vested upon me by the Universal Life Church and the State of California I would declare the two of you as husband and wife.

THE KISS The moment's here as you celebrate your formal public marriage with your first kiss as a married couple. Time will seem to have stopped for the two of you as your energies merge into one another in that kiss. Prepare for a lot of cheering, flower showers, fist pumps, music encores, camera flashes, strobe lights and so on as everyone joins in to celebrate your moments of oblivious entanglement in your love and passion for each other. You made it.

PRESENTATION After the cheering has calmed down and you have stepped off your state of blissful oblivion, I will formally make a statement to refer to you two by name and present the two of you as Mr. and Mrs. the groom's or the bride's last name you want me to use as indicated in your marriage license. If you are retaining your unmarried names, I can say those names to refer to you and present you to the guests as the newly married couple. Prepare for another round of cheering and celebration.

OPTIONAL CEREMONIES If you wanted to perform any ceremonies like the sand ceremony or a rise ceremony etc, we could do it at this time or earlier, depending on your preference. It is your day and you're the boss lady and boss man. This is also the time I perform my special surprise ceremony to bind in your new marital status into a deeper bond of companionship.

LEGAL FORMALITIES We are literally done. Now that I have solemnized your wedding and you are accepting all the congratulatory customs from your guests, I will sign your marriage license having officiated your public marriage and hand it over to you along with your commemorative marriage certificate. At your request, I can submit that marriage licence to the county office on your behalf or you can take care of that yourself within 10 days of the wedding date. You will need to visit the County office anytime later to obtain a couple of certified copied of your public marriage license for your own records.

RECESSIONAL This is the last section of the formalities of a traditional public marriage ceremony. The bride and groom will walk down the aisle hand in hand to leave the wedding area posing and smiling for the flashing cameras. The rest of the wedding party will follow the bride and groom in a last in first out basis. so the ring bearer and flower girl leaves first followed by the maid of honor and best man, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I will be the last to leave the wedding area as you two head off to the festivities of your wedding reception as America's hottest newly married couple. Enjoy the experience to your fill.

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