Legal Requirements To Get Married in San Diego

CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to get married and good to have you here to read about the legal requirements to get married in San Diego. Most of these requirements are from the State Of California, though we have a few requirements imposed by the County Clerk's office. Thankfully these requirements are pretty straightforward and makes logical sense. Nonetheless, you may want to familiarize yourselves with these laws so that you can check them all off the list and focus on the main objective of your visit today - finding the right wedding officiant in San Diego to officiate on your big day.

The State of California does not discriminate against your residency or your gender - one of the benefits of getting married in the Golden State and that too in America's finest city. As long as you follow the basic requirements, the two of you're cleared to soar freely over our beaches, parks, oceans, lakes and mountains, as you embark on the most amazing journeys of your lives, sheltered by the love bond that can only be yours.