Wedding Vows That Enthrall, Entice And Entwine

I highly recommend you write your own romantic wedding vows because your wedding is a very personal affair and nobody can express your true feelings and emotions for your fiance better than you can. This page is not to give you examples of wedding vows, the Internet is full of them and you may want to peruse them at your leisure. However, I can almost guarantee you that you would not find any single one of them that would completely resonate with your true feelings and emotions that you have in your heart for your fiance. You know why? It's simple, nobody can feel for the significance of your fiance in your life better than you can. Nobody can relate to the circumstances that crossed your paths with each other, blossomed your relationship, how you proposed or got proposed, the emotions your felt and now has brought you to this point when you are contemplating your wedding vows.

You may not be a writer or you may be choking up with so much emotion for your fiance that words won't translate into text. Hey don't underestimate yourself ! It's all inside you and it is my attempt on this page to help you reach inside and bring out all those emotions and turn them into the most enthralling, the most enticing and the most appropriate vow that anyone can possibly write to celebrate the entwining of your lives together on your wedding day. We can work on this more when we meet to discuss the details about your wedding ceremony but in the meantime here are some pointers for you to take the frist crack at this project. Trust me, when you can pull this off, you will be so proud of yourself. When your fiance listens to your vows it will be the wedding song that your fiance will remember for life. I wrote my own vows for my wife and every year on her anniversary, I take her to the same place where we got married and I recite those same vows to her as a constant reminder of how I continue to feel for her. It's magical and it is my wish for you make an honest attempt to claim this fistful of pixiedust to sprinkle on your wedding day.

By the way, some couples feel uncomfortable saying their vows in presence of anyone else. I will be happy to step away for a while during your vow exchange ceremony to give you the space to really feel the words you say to your soon-to be spouse. It is your personal moment, a moment that you will cherish for life. So if this privacy is what you want, just say it and I will respect and honor your wish. You must be absolutely comfortable when you say your vows and the world around you would not exist when you start to evoke and feel those emotions that only you can feel and express.

When you sit down to go through this exercise, make sure you remain undisturbed. Turn your phone and television off - perhaps you want to do this in a peaceful and quiet place - maybe beside a lake or park, on the beach where you can stay comfortable and focus on the task at hand. You can handwrite or perhaps better still, use a word processor on a laptop or tablet -that way you can edit, reframe, enhance easily. Another option would be to simply activate a voice recorder and just record your voice as you speak whatever emotions come to mind. Later on you can edit and write them down. Yet another alternative - kind of a double dipping would be to use a voice transcriber plugin on the text editor on your computer. When you activate that plugin and open that text editor, you can simply speak clearly and your words would automatically translate to text. Pretty cool! Why not use modern technology to create your modern wedding vows? However you choose to record your thoughts and words, the guidelines are the same as described below.

Come on - you've got this ...

  • USE ABSOLUTES GENEROUSLY I meant profusely without making it blatantly obvious and over used. Absolutes are words like All, Always, Forever, Shall, Promise, Pledge, Vow, Commit, Dedicate. These words are very powerful when you need to express your emotions emphatically. For example, I will ALWAYS love you no matter what challenges we face in life or Today I PLEDGE my body, mind and soul to love, protect and hold you in my heart FOREVER
  • STICK TO POSITIVES ONLY You see our subconscious mind does not understand words that are in the negative. For example, how would you compare I will NEVER leave you with I will ALWAYS be beside you and with you. Which sounds better? It's obvious. Stay away from words like Never, Not, Won't, Don't, Can't Flip the sentence to the positive. If you won't be doing something, what would you actually be doing? Re-frame your feelings in the positive.
  • USE DIRECT PRONOUNS Use direct pronouns like I, or we, or us in your script. Avoid any pronouns that are in the second or third person. The vows are about you fiance and the two of you only.
  • STAY NATURAL - BE YOURSELF While you are very welcome to surprise your spouse-to-be with your vows, make sure that you stay authentic to yourself, exactly how your fiance has come to know you and feels for you. There are certain qualities about you that your fiance loves and appreciates. Figure out how you would portray these qualities in your vows. Are you a romantic? Well, then write romantic wedding vows. Are you a modern, contemporary, hip hop kind of a person? Well, then keep the same spirit and maintain the tone to write modern wedding vows.
  • MIRRORING YOUR FIANCE Are there certain words, certain emotions, certain activities, certain life experiences that your finance loves and appreciates? Make sure you are hitting on these to mirror your fiance's preferences. The idea is to allow your fiance to hear right words and feel the right emotions that they relate to and resonate with the most.
  • ASPIRATIONS, DREAMS, DESIRES During your relationship thus far, you obviously have shared your personal aspirations, your dreams and desires with each other. Make sure you include references to these desires of the inner soul in your wedding vows and express your commitment on what and how you will support your fiance in their quest to achieve those objectives and goals in life.
  • FROM THEN UNTIL NOW What have been the highlights of your relationship since you met each other? What value did your fiance add to your life? How has your fiance made your life better than when your Facebook status used to say single? What does that mean to you as a person? How has your fiance's presence in your life made it a worthwhile journey that you want to continue forever?
  • COLLABORATIONS AND PROJECTS What projects do the two of you want to do together in 6 months, a year, 3 years, 5 years? You must have discussed these sometimes. What contribution would you make on those projects ? How would you support your finance? What commitments are you making and how would you honor them? These paint an expansive image of your exciting future.
  • GRATITUDE AND THANKFULNESS How grateful and thankful are you to have your finance in your life? How does their presence in your life make you feel every morning you wake up and every night before you drift off to sleep? Be generous and effusive about the value your finance have in your life? Make them feel the top of the world through your appreciation and gratitude
  • TRUE VALUE SYSTEMS What do you and your fiance value the most in your relationship? What value systems do you subscribe to as your philosophies about life? How would you uphold them? How would your relationship derive strength from those values?
  • COMMITMENTS, PLEDGES AND PROMISES What are you committing into the relationship? What are you promising your fiance on your wedding day? Be as expansive and as authentic as you can. It does not hurt to stretch yourself a little bit as long as it does not seem outlandish to your fiance. If those promises are a stretch, say why you believe you can hold true to those promises despite appearing to be a stretch at this time. Stay earnest and honest about your commitments. You are a lover, a friend for life - not a politician. So stay authentic.
  • ROMANTIC POWERPLAY These are very powerful words in any loving relationship and take a new high between couples on their wedding day. Use these words and phrases in your vows and you will create your own pixiedust on your spouse to be and engrave your words in their heart forever. True Love, Honor, Respect, Commit, Support, Take You As You Are, Unconditionally, Devotion, Dedicate, Pure, Sacred, Dearest Friend, Heart, Soul, Trust, Lifetime, Special, Only One, Joy, Warmth, Comfort, Share, Value, Dream, Join, Together, Pledge, Promise, Deepest, Laugh, Peace, Beautiful, Handsome, Romance, Kiss, Fortunate, Blessed, Delight, Forever, Strength, Journey, Family, Future, Success, Fulfilled, Blessed

That should make it easier to say or jot down your thoughts and emotions that would go into your vows. I had made fifteen iterations on my vows before I got it exactly the way I wanted it. Instead of winging it at the very end, start early and write you own vows. The common theme is to tell a story that sounds believable to your fiance, even if seems like a fairy tale. In today's electronic world, nobody writes love letters. It's just text messaging or short emails. Love letters were so good and I wish they come back in vogue once again. Maybe you two can start a tradition for your new family that you are going to start.

Let your emotions run free as you write or record your voice for your vows. Imagine you holding your fiance in your arms, looking deep inside their eyes so that you can see their soul. Imagine you are expressing your true feelings to their innocent, pure and vibrant soul. What would you say? How would you feel? How would their soul react when you say your words. Get into it deep and with passion and let it flow naturally and effortlessly. Nobody's watching - it's just the two of you. Don't skimp on anything. It does not matter how long your vows are. Want to write a book about the love you feel for your fiance? Cool, what's stopping you? Write that book, summarize it and you have your vows.

Depending on what your fiance relates to most - humor, romance, candor, intimacy, uplifting, future thinking, write your vows accordingly. Remember that the vows you write and will read during the ceremony are for your fiance and not for you. You want to feel good about saying those words and most importantly you want to evoke strong emotions of love and bondage in your finance's mind as they hear your speak. Congratulations, you just completed writing your own vows that will make you proud and make your words as genuine as it possibly can be.

If you are still challenged, let's discuss when we meet and I can assist you further in a more professional capacity.

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