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Planning to elope in San Diego with your fiance to get married in America's finest city? You're the romantic duo aren't you? Even bold enough to venture outside the norm to get married in San Diego. Elopement traditionally has meant for the two lovers to run away and get married without parental consent. This has changed significantly in the interpretation of the word elope. Today it means for the two lovebirds to get away from a large expensive wedding and get married with a small party of absolutely essential guests or none at all. The result is to use the available financial resources on rewarding yourelves with a memorable wedding ceremony and use the savings to kickstart your new life as a married couple with your combined funds. What a smart choice from financially savvy couples today!

I fully understand, empathize and support you on your intent to elope to San Diego for your wedding. Whether you are planning a private or public wedding in any of San Diego's amazing outdoors or in a private property, I will be honored to be your wedding officiant in San Diego to provide you or refer you to high quality services within your budget. If you don't really care about setting up a cabana or an arch with chairs for guests and other temporary structures for your wedding and can keep the total count to under 20-24 people then elopement is the best and most economical option for your wedding. The two of you can immerse yourselves in the glory of all the same wedding procedures including special ceremonies described in this website as for any other elaborate wedding in any elopement. However your guests would need to be standing for the duration of the ceremony before your party heads off for the wedding reception.

Curious about what on earth is Joy talking about? You see, when you have more than 24 in your party (20 for Coronado beach weddings) and want to get married in San Diego's parks and beaches, you need to get a permit from the City for the event and there is a fee associated with it, payable to the City where you want to get married. Even if you have less than 20-24 people in your party but you want to have chairs brought over for your guests with a cabana or arch setup, decorations, music and flower petals sprinkled on the aisle, the City expects you to purchase a permit. Essentially the costs of your wedding goes up. So it is your decision on what you really want to do. You can still have all the accessories, chairs for your guests, the arch, music, petals being sprinkled as you walk down the aisle and the while nine yards and avoid the permit fees. In that case you can have your wedding in a private residence or one of San Diego's exotic hotels and resorts. Every situation is different and several factors need to be considered to figure out the most cost effective public marriage ceremony. I will be happy to suggest options for you when we meet.

I am not a wedding planner, or a florist, or a musician, or a photographer or a caterer for that matter. I am your humble wedding officiant in San Diego, happy to connect you to other professionals who can make your event as memorable and as cost effective as possible. You may want to consider shopping around to find what works best for you if my suggestions for all the different wedding service providers don't quite work exactly how you want it to be.

As the wedding officiant for your elopement to San Diego, whether you are intend to have a confidential marriage or public marriage, I can incorporate all the elaborate custom and special wedding ceremonies for your auspicious moments.

Still curious about the difference between a traditional full scale wedding and an elope to San Diego wedding? Let's summarize - money ! Why not conserve as much of those Benjamins for your married life together than blowing it all up on all the frills and thrills? I can tell you from my experience as will any other married person totally immersed in the ambrosia of love - there are a lot of expenses to hit your bank accounts right after marriage. You may want to retain enough funds for these expenses - after all being prudent about your finances is one of the first lessons you will learn shortly after your wedding. Still considering to elope to San Diego?

Want to stick to the absolute bare essentials to save on costs on your elopement in San Diego? No problem. I can be your wedding officiant for your confidential elopement. We don't need to meet in person to prepare anything elaborate before the wedding. I will email you a 15 minute ceremony template of my statements to solemnize your wedding. You can personalize that by simply filling in the blanks. I can meet the two of you at the Carlsbad Beach off Tamarack Avenue on your wedding day, perform a brief wedding ceremony based on the template, sign the paperwork and you're off as a married couple. This is a very beautiful area of the beach and not very crowded depending on the time of day. If you want to have your elopement at a different place, just let me know and I can take care of that for you as well - a modest fee may apply, depending on your location of choice. That is a very brief wedding ceremony and we stick to just the bare essentials - so please set your expectations properly for the most precious moments of your newly married life. If you choose this Bare Essentials elopement option, please make sure you don't have more than 20 guests with standing provisions only, since it is a very private affair. Also you must bring your marriage license and both of your government issued valid IDs in order for me get you two married and sign the paperwork.

Please note that you don't have to choose just the Bare Essentials for your elopement - it is just to set a baseline of what's mandatory. You can add any of the special wedding ceremonies to your bare essentials elopement to make your wedding more intimate and personal whether in Carlsbad Beach or else where. If you want to get married on Carlsbad Beach off Tamarack Avenue, I recommend that the two of you visit the beach before your wedding day and pick a suitable spot for your choice. On your wedding day, we meet at the parking lot, walk over to your chosen spot and I get you two married.

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Any moment in life is the rendezvous of people, circumstances and events in that instant in time. These are small meandering rivers that flow into the confluence of the moment. The two of you are about to define such a moment that will forever be etched in your lives in the crests and troughs of your adventure together.

Most definitely you want everything to be in order on your big day. Why not demand it? Your search for a San Diego wedding officiant near to you has brought you to this website. Perhaps I am one of those rivers waiting to flow into the confluence of your big moment?

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