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When you are planning a simple wedding, three is probably a crowd, except of course your witnesses a few close friends and family and hey, don't forget me - your San Diego wedding officiant. You desire a quiet and quick wedding, complete the formalities and be on your way to chart the course of your newly married life.

Want to make it super quiet and super low key? Why not go to any of the country offices in San Diego, pay a fee and a wedding officiant of the county will take care of your civil marriage ceremony, mostly during regular business hours. They have ceremony rooms that can fit about 15-20 guests. Bring along a witness, be there on time for your appointment and you'll be in and out in no time. If you don't have a witness the county can provide one for you for a small fee. If you are on a tight budget this simple, straight-forward, no-frills legal marriage may be an option for you to consider on your special day. I thought I should share this information with you, being completely open and candid with you.

However, when you desire to make your special day extra-ordinary, I, as your San Diego wedding officiant can make those moments memorable for your public marriage or confidential marriage. A simple marriage is a brief event where I typically will make a standard welcoming statement to your guests. If you so wish, I can also deliver a special message for them or even recite sermon based on your choice. If the two of you are going to have a confidential marriage, then there will typically be just the two of you. Nonetheless in my opening statement I make some generic comments about the purpose and sanctity of marriage and its implications on your way forward. Then it would be time for you to open your vows that you have written yourselves, look fondly into the eyes of your spouse-to-be and recite them for the other. Those are magical moments as you commit yourselves to love and hold each other for as long as you shall live in every circumstance in life.

Now you are ready for your ring exchange. If you have a best man and / or maid-of-honor attending the ceremony, upon my request, they will hand the rings to you. You would now place the ring on your almost-to-be spouse's ring finger as a symbol of bondage and never-ending love. A ring has no beginning and no end, which is why it signifies endless love and commitment for each other. It is a beautiful moment full of promise and dedication that you would want to seal in your memory forever. After you have exchanged rings, by the power vested upon me by the Universal Life Church and the State Of California, I will make a pronouncement to declare you as husband and wife. You are now welcome to seal your lives with the kiss as a married couple. Yeah ! you made it. CONGRATULATIONS.

It's wrap up time. I hand over your commemorative marriage certificate that I would be carrying with me. With your wedding solemnized by me, I will sign your marriage license and hand it over to you. Although you can tell the world that you are now Mr. and Mrs. the law wants you to complete one last formality. You will need to take that signed marriage license to any of the San Diego county offices and deposit it with them within 10 days of your marriage. If you would prefer, upon your request, I will be honored to submit your signed marriage license to my nearest county office on your behalf so that you have one less important matter to remember. They will register your marriage to have been formally solemnized and then you are legally treated as husband and wife in the State of California and everywhere else in the world. I recommend that you obtain at least two certified copies of the marriage license and certificate from the county office. Once you have them, store them carefully with your other important documents - preferably in two different places.

As you can understand this is a simple wedding with just the minimum essentials required to get you both to a legal "married" status. Once your marriage is registered with the San Diego county, you are free to enter into contracts, agreements, investments, purchases as husband and wife. Typically it would take about 20 minutes from start to finish to complete your simple wedding ceremony.

By the way, you can most definitely also update your Facebook and Twitter status at this time - funny huh ?

Your San Diego Wedding Entourage Formation

As you know by reading the legal requirements, there are two types of marriages allowed in the State of California. If the two of you are planning a public marriage, you will need at least one witness during your ceremony and bring along your public marriage license for me to sign after I solemnize your marriage. However if you prefer a confidential marriage, you would have obtained a confidential marriage license from the county offices by the time of the ceremony. You do not need a witness for a confidential marriage. Guests are always welcome (or not) on either option based on your preferences.

Simple weddings are just that - quiet, short and sweet with a very small group of invitees or none at all. You would just sticking to the minimum essentials and formalities and you two are off on your way within about 20 minutes to embrace your new life together as a married couple.

I have provided you with a visual image of where everyone will be positioned during your ceremony. The box at the bottom indicates where your guests and witnesses would remain. Depending on your type of marriage - public or confidential, there may or may not be anyone in that box. There will be just the two of you, with I as your wedding officiant in a confidential marriage. I recite my statements to celebrate your union, you exchange your vows and your rings. I pronounce you husband and wife, you seal your new legal status with a kiss. I solemnize your marriage, sign the marriage licence and you're off into the blue world yonder to write the next Chapter of your love story.

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Most definitely you want everything to be in order on your big day. Why not demand it? Your search for a San Diego wedding officiant near to you has brought you to this website. Perhaps I am one of those rivers waiting to flow into the confluence of your big moment?

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