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Whether you are going to have a confidential wedding ceremony or a civil wedding ceremony in San Diego you can always choose to add some more pixiedust to your magical moments on your wedding day with some special ceremonies. Often times, couples would request to perform some traditional ceremonies that their families have traditionally performed for generations. At other times, couples prefer to start a tradition of a special ceremony or two themselves for their next generations. Either way, as your San Diego wedding officiant I will be happy to assist you in performing in those ceremonies.

The purpose of these special ceremonies is to make your magical moments more significant, to create fond memories that you would cherish forever, to become a source of conversation and inspiration as you grow older together and travel through the sands of time and life. The opportunity comes once in your life as a couple, so why not make the most of it to create an indelible experience forever?

If you have the desire to perform a ceremony that your families have traditionally performed in their weddings, it makes the most sense that they lead you through those steps to make it just perfect for you. If they are unable to assist you to perform those generationally significant ceremonies, I will need a full description in order to assist. However, there are certain special ceremonies that I can help you perform during your wedding to make the moments even more special and stregthen the bond of marriage between the two of you. I perform a special ceremony for all weddings as part of my service and I keep the details a surprise - until we meet and discuss. Here are some of the ceremonies I can assist you with.

Special Civil Wedding Ceremony In San Diego


Handfasting ceremony has a Celtic, Irish and Indian traditions but has become widely accepted in many cultures due to its sublime significance for a newly married couple about to begin their most amazing journey supporting and providing for each other.


Sand ceremony is a popular preference of couples getting married on one of our gorgeous beaches or anywhere else. This beautiful ceremony symbolizes the merging of two lives who become inseparable as the grains of sand once they mix with each other.


The rose ceremony has deep rooted significance and goes back several generations. The Mother of the bride and groom are graciously felicitated by their child for giving them birth and for their many sacrifices. The bride and groom also exchange roses.


The unity candle ceremony is a very beautiful event that symbolizes the unity of not only the bride and groom but also the two families and even friends of either side bonded together by the marriage. This is one to consider for big civil weddings.


The wine ceremony has similar significance to the sand ceremony in that both symbolize the inseparable merging of lives of the bride and groom into a life of celebration, warmth and togetherness. Wine gets better with age, which is symbolic for the new couple.


This blue ocean ceremony is a San Diego special, given the blue skies, the blue ocean, the calming breeze in our gorgeous beaches. This ceremony is my own creation and I will be happy to share with you when we meet and explain everything - San Diego style.

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