Blue Ocean Ceremony For Weddings In San Diego

The blue ocean ceremony is clearly a San Diego wedding special to celebrate your union in our fine city. Other Wedding ceremonies described in this website are traditional and time tested for generations and work very extremely well to evoke the right emotions in the bride and groom as well as their guests. The blue ocean ceremony is a unique wedding ceremony that I have created from my own imagination and literary creativity is quite different. This ceremony is more in tune with our modern day lives and the takes the significance of living happily ever after to an entirely new dimension. This wedding ceremony is clearly a special and suitable for couples who would desire to have a San Diego beach wedding to celebrate their union.

Summertime to Fall between early or late afternoons are the best times to have this ceremony in San Diego when we have our best weather with azure blue skies reflecting on the Pacific as the waves splash down on our beaches. At other times you can choose to have this ceremony as well but weather conditions such as during our May gray and June gloom periods may reduce the excitement of this particular ceremony. If don't mind cold weather, we could have this ceremony in the winter months as well - be aware that not all days in San Diego winters are bright and sunny. Having said that, we can check the weather reports ahead of time and then decide if you would prefer to have this ceremony as part of your wedding.

The details of this ceremony and the various significant themes and sublime symbolisms of the blue ocean ceremony for newly weds are reserved for the couples who place their faith and trust in me as their Wedding Ceremony Officiant. It is a very unique beach wedding ceremony and can be easily personalized according to your preferences to make it your very own uncommon experience. I write appropriate statements completely personalized to evoke the right emotions of love, respect, honor, commitment, dedication to literally etch the experience in your minds forever. Eternity awaits your grace during this ceremony.

You may also combine this ceremony with any other special ceremony on your wedding day if you have the time before your wedding reception. You can include this ceremony for confidential marriages or public marriages.

Please note that the blue ocean ceremony is different than the special ceremony that I perform for all couples in all weddings. We can talk about the details when we meet.

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