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First of all my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the would-be newly weds. You guys made it - that's FANTASTIC. I am excited for both of you to arrive at this momentous occasion in your life. Not too many people get to this point and it really is a big deal.

You could not have picked a better location for your big day. If you are a native San Diegan you know what I am talking about. If you are visiting the finest city in America for your San Diego wedding, I must say that you have already started to make some really smart decisions as America's Finest couple. Your wedding is one of the most important milestones in your lives together and you want to make sure that all systems are a go before you launch into the bliss and joys of married life.

On your wedding day in our beautiful city, you will share the most precious moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Eternity can wait, but on that day you will forever be blended together in the arms of love, respect, honor, collaboration and togetherness. The world today needs more of you to feel the passions of loving, caring, sharing and peace. I applaud you on your decision to start your journey together sheltered by the love of each other.

  • On Your Wedding Day, words will be spoken, though your eyes will need no words as you gaze at each other, lost in the glory of your loving souls that have traveled so far to be in that moment.
  • On Your Wedding Day, Events will occur around you, though your hearts will be obliviously engrossed in the bliss of your commitment to be there for each other forever in health and in sickness.
  • On Your Wedding Day, the world will move on, though all of existence would pause for the two of you, just to celebrate your union and etch your precious moment in the eternal sands of time.
  • On Your Wedding Day, you will hold hands, feel the empowering emotions of eternal true love, rejoice in the confidence that you will always have each other to nurture and support yourselves through the crests and troughs of life.
  • On Your Wedding Day, the cacophony of the world around you will fade away, the trials of life in your past will seem to disappear, everything you have ever dreamed of will be at your beckoning as you seal the promise of a glorious future together with your kiss.

You would then have arrived at your destination of being declared as a married couple, only to begin your journey together for as long as you two shall grace this planet with your love, appreciation, affection, patience and togetherness.

Dear To Be Newly Weds,

Cliche' as it may sound, as your San Diego wedding officiant, it would be an absolute honor to be invited to share some those precious moments with the two of you and lead you through your first steps as a married couple. I commit myself to the mission to do everything I can to make your transition filled with laughter, celebration, peace, promises and love. I do not have twenty years of experience as a wedding officiant in San Diego, officiating weddings is not my only occupation and neither do I claim to be the best wedding officiant you could possibly find in San Diego. So if you are looking for such lofty credentials to officiate your San Diego wedding, I am humbled by your visit to this website and would encourage you to browse the internet to find someone with those credentials to your taste. After all your wedding day would probably be the most precious experience in your lives and I only want you to have the best resources available.

However if you are looking for some spunk, freshness, flamboyance and flair in your San Diego wedding officiant, someone who is an explorer of the richness and many gifts of life, love and relationships, someone who loves to venture away from the mundane routines, someone who can personalize your wedding with words and expressions that celebrate your love, your story and the life you are about to begin as a married couple, I am confident I will be able to deliver at or above your expectations.

Regardless of which of my San Diego wedding packages you choose, there is a very special ceremony that I perform for couples that lasts for a lifetime. It is special because it is a ceremony you can perform as a couple at any time and anywhere and will be part of your bond forever. There are no religious connotations to this ceremony and it is based on Universal Laws of Existence. Once you learn it, I can promise that you will simply rise in love with it, just like the two of you have risen in love with each other that has brought you to this milestone in your lives. I am bursting to tell you all about it, but let's keep this an awesome surprise for you for your big day.

My beloved wife and close friends say that I am very romantic - hey that's cool! I wonder what you would say - perhaps, this guy's got potential! Ok, I'll graciously take that for now, I guess. The verse that you read above is written by yours truly. English is such a beautiful language and I love to play with words to bring out the true emotions of the moment. I have published three best selling books so far and more are in the works. Two of these books were in the Self Development space and I would love to present one of them to you as my wedding gift as my honest expression of gratitude for giving me the honor to serve as your wedding officiant in San Diego. As you can understand, I love writing and recitation and relish the freedom of affluent expression. I love to dive into the depths of the ocean of creative expression and come up with some pearls to share - with both of you on your special day.

While the law requires certain words to be used while officiating weddings, I love to stretch the boundaries of my statements to celebrate your love story while getting you two lovebirds married - of course with your permission. You see, I found the love of my life half way across the world through circumstances that can only be regarded as miraculous. So I understand the miracle that brought you two together and to this point in your lives. My mission on your wedding day in San Diego would be to celebrate your relationship and make it memorable. You would cherish the memories, relive the magical experience of the day, revel in the rainbow of your love, as you evolve in your relationship and grow younger together over the years.

I had written my own vows when I got married to the love of my life and you know what, my wedding officiant asked if she could have a copy of that. No way! Those were for the one special person of my life and I wasn't going to share it with anyone. I strongly encourage you to write your own vows and if you are challenged, trust me, it is already inside you. When we meet in person to plan for your big day, I will be happy to work with you and create wedding vows for both of you that you would cherish for a lifetime. If you still insist, I will write them for either or both of you and I trust you will love them. Let's make it a fun and exciting exercise - really it is not that difficult.

I am a Minister Of Peace and a non-denominational Ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church Ministries and would be honored to be invited to participate on your big day as your San Diego wedding officiant. I am passionate about my mission while serving as your wedding officiant and I trust we can meet soon to formalize the arrangements for your big day. When I am not officiating at weddings, I am back at my roots as a software engineer, developing enterprise application software for my clients and working with local small businesses on lead generation and Digital Marketing. Both my wife and I are software developers and we love adding value to the lives of our clients.

Exciting times ahead for both of you and I know exactly how you feel. Nervous? Nah! Why should you be? For as long as you have known each other, for as long as you have felt the burning passion, love, respect and care for each other, you have been preparing for that one golden moment. Well, its round the corner and yes, your journey is finally in the home stretch. Allow me to be part of your destination of being declared to the world as a married couple. When you arrive there, you will know that your adventure in life has just begun - together forever.

I encourage you to browse this website to become familiar with some of the core essentials of your San Diego wedding. A marriage has personal, social and legal implications as well, so you may want to familiarize with the basics. Not to worry, the legal obligations for a wedding are thankfully pretty straightforward and are absolute pre-requisites. Here's a quick resource that I have organized for you that summarizes the legal matters that both of you need to be aware of. Most definitely I will be able to happy to walk you through the process once we get together and have a conversation.

I trust you will relate to my candor, care and passion and choose to retain me as your San Diego wedding officiant. Being true to my name, it is my promise to offer my joy to make your joy-filled day just that bit extraordinary. After all, I've got to live up to my name when you reward me with the opportunity to serve.

Excitedly yours !!!

Joy Ghosh

Your Personal San Diego Wedding Officiant

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Just the two of you lovebirds in the party or just a few friends and family? Wonderful! I'd love to be the wedding officiant in your public or confidential wedding in San Diego.

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Planning a traditional event with a full processional and a big party? More the merrier with more fun and celebration. Start planning early for your traditional wedding in San Diego.

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You can make any type of wedding into a full blown celebration of your union with a beautiful ceremony. Let's discuss all details about your ceremonial wedding to make it perfect.

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Celebrate your decision to adorn your love for each other with the ultimate honor and commitment of marriage. Let's personalize your San Diego wedding to your preferences .

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We can officiate in your confidential San Diego wedding


When you want to keep everything short and sweet and get back to your romance in the shortest time possible, this wedding package is for you. I keep the proceedings to a little above the bare essentials and you two are off to your new beginnings.

We can officiate in your traditional San Diego wedding


When you have a few moments to smell the roses and celebrate the story that brought you two lovebirds to your wedding day, this wedding package is personalized for you. I interview both of you and sprinkle some literary pixiedust for your big day.

We can officiate in your ceremonial San Diego wedding


When your emotions and love for your spouse-to-be leaves you speechless, my literary pixiedust includes your vows for each other to unleash the flame of your passion to make your special moments everlasting. Eternity can wait - your moment's now.

We can officiate in your same sex San Diego wedding for LGBT couples


Celebrating the true free spirit of your souls and your love for each other, you can mix and match several of my services to create a package truly personalized for your San Diego wedding. Plan in advance so that I get ample time to get it all in place.

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Any moment in life is the rendezvous of people, circumstances and events in that instant in time. These are small meandering rivers that flow into the confluence of the moment. The two of you are about to define such a moment that will forever be etched in your lives in the crests and troughs of your adventure together.

Most definitely you want everything to be in order on your big day. Why not demand it? Your search for a San Diego wedding officiant near to you has brought you to this website. Perhaps I am one of those rivers waiting to flow into the confluence of your big moment?

I am so confident that you will be absolutely delighted with my service on your wedding day, I am willing to place my retainer fees on the line. If for any reason you are dis-satisfied with my service, please call me within 24 hours of your date and time of wedding and I will refund the retainer fees that you paid me.

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